Registering PovChem


PovChem is now free!

Because of lack of time to maintain and update PovChem, I have decided not charge money for this software anymore. This means anyone can use it for free, without restrictions on its use, for either commercial or non-profit purposes. The program itself is still copyrighted, but you may use it freely.

Use this key to register your copy of PovChem:


Then follow the instructions in the program's Help:Registration menu to install the key. Remember that the key is case-sensitive, so copy the above 12 characters exactly.

And remember to download the latest version if you haven't already done so!

Thanks to all who have supported this software over the years! I hope someday to continue developing this software (it needs a complete rewrite with a different GUI toolkit), but for now I just have too many other things going on. But it's been fun!s



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Last modified June 15, 2005