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PovChem is now free!
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    What is PovChem? It's a chemical visualization and illustration program with a new graphic interface. It takes molecules in the PDB format, lets you to set up a picture with fine control over details of the illustration - colors, atom and bond radii, view orientation, etc. It will even calculate and display hydrogen bonds. It then exports the picture in POV-Ray format, which allows you to render the image with a state-of-the-art raytracer, giving high-quality images at any resolution, for anything from web page thumbnails to full-size high-resolution images for journal covers, advertisements, posters, anything!

    Version 2.1 is now available for Macintosh! See the download page for more information.

    I'm still actively in the process of updating PovChem with new features. And I need your help! Please tell me what functionality you'd like to see added in the near future, and in particular what features you feel you'd need to have before you'd consider purchasing a license. Things I'm considering for the near future are selection of atoms/bonds to adjust colors and radii, output of different 3-D formats like DXF or 3DS, ability to read in multiple PDB models, placement of backdrop or floor planes for shadows, etc. But I need to know what you as the user think is most important! So please send me a message, even just a brief one-liner, to help steer me in the right direction.

    Here's a few snapshots to preview what PovChem looks like when running, and how great a final raytraced image looks! The molecule shown is a short piece of DNA.

DNA in PovChem

DNA rendered with POV-Ray

    And here are some thumbnail links to the same molecule rendered in different styles, just to illustrate the different types of models PovChem can create.

Cylinder model        Ball and Stick model

    Do you like what you see? Take a look at a more detailed list of PovChem's features. Or, follow the download link to find out how to get it! There are also more examples of the sorts of things PovChem can help you do in Paul's DNA Gallery and Custom Chemical Graphics pages, as well as on the sample page for PovChem version 1.



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