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Contact Information

    Here are some e-mail addresses you can use to direct comments, questions, or problems to the appropriate place:


Where do I get POV-Ray?

    Go to http://www.povray.org - you'll need at least version 3.0.

How can I calculate bonds (PDB CONECT records)?

    PovChem now does this for you! (As of version 2.1) See the program's built-in documentation on bond calculation and editing.

How can I create PDB format files?

    PovChem is NOT a molecular modeling program! You'll have to create your own PDB files or find them in some public database. Most molecular modeling programs will allow you to save as export to a PDB format file. Or use Babel to convert many other chemical file formats into PDB files. Once you have a model loaded into PovChem, however, you can edit the bonds and hydrogen bonds, then save them to a new PDB file to retrieve later.

Bug Reports

    Before reporting a bug, please make sure you do both the following: 1) download the latest version and see if you get the same behavior, and 2) check this list to see if this bug has already been reported. If you've come across a new bug, please send a detailed report, including any relevant PDB or output files, and what operating system you're using, to povchem-bugs@ChemicalGraphics.com. Your problem will be investigated and hopefully fixed in a near-future update.

    Following is a list of all bugs reported, and a note on whether they've been fixed in a higher version.

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