Features of PovChem v2

    This is version 2 of PovChem.  The original version had a text-only interface, but otherwise had similar capabilities; the major improvement in version 2 is of course the graphic interface that makes it much faster and easier to set up your chemical model before exporting to POV-Ray. See the introduction page for some screen shots. Here is a brief list of features currently available, as well as those planned for the future. Remember that if you purchase a license now, it will be good for any version 2.x release!

    If there is a feature not listed here that you'd like to see included, please send mail to povchem-features@ChemicalGraphics.com, describing your idea in detail.

Current features (as of version 2.1):

Coming in future release 2.x: Coming eventually - possibly in 2.x, possibly later:



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